Do you need a safe and effective mounting system for your photovoltaic system?

The most advanced ballasts
on the photovoltaic market

They called our ballasts “the best flat roof mounting system on the market”.
because they allow halve the installation time and maximise the safety of the system’s supporting structure.


The only ones with an integrated profile

The integrated aluminium profile allows the panels to be mounted using snap-on universal clamps. The profile also allows the clamp to be "moved" to ensure that the panels are perfectly aligned.


All ballasts are made of polypropylene fibre-reinforced concrete, which preserves their integrity over time, as there are no cages or metal structures inside.

Safe and easy to transport

The groove at the base of the ballast facilitates its handling over long distances with an ordinary luggage trolley. Installers will save time and energy and their health will be safeguarded.

Small movements

A lifting handle (included), built into the integrated aluminium profile, allows small movements to correct ballast alignments between rows.

Pre-drilled fixing holes and threaded bushes

The lateral fixing holes are already prepared for the insertion of dowels for the assembly of the sealing bracings; the threaded bushings, on the other hand, are useful for fixing windbreak covers or for the installation of micro-inverters or energy optimisers.

Horizontal? Vertical? Both!

Due to their geometry, Contact Italia ballasts can fix the panel either horizontally or vertically.

It secures the photovoltaic system to its roof, forever.

Contact Italia ballasts represent the best insurance for your system, because once installed and connected, they create an immovable and very stable network that will secure the system to the roof for its entire lifetime. All our ballasts are certified with with tests in the Göttingen-type wind tunnel.

Choose your
we help you.

We have a technical department dedicated to providing assistance in the selection, calculation and dimensioning of the ballast mounting system.

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