Assorted case of pre-insulated terminals


  • Tin-plated copper – PVC conductor body
  • insulating body

Technical specifications

  • High protection against condensation and corrosion.
  • max. operating voltage: 600V


  • high protection against condensation and corrosion high degree of insulation
  • inspectionable connection thanks to transparent sheathing
ContentSection (mm2)Hole (mm2)Pieces
Pre-insulated eye terminals1,5450
Pre-insulated eye terminals1,5550
Pre-insulated eye terminals4650
Pre-insulated eye terminals2,5450
Pre-insulated eye terminals2,5550
Pre-insulated eye terminals2,5650
Pre-insulated eye terminals6525
Pre-insulated eye terminals6625
Pre-insulated fork terminals1,5450
Pre-insulated fork terminals2,5450
Pre-insulated fork terminals6625
Pre-insulated plug terminals1,550
Pre-insulated plug terminals2,550
Pre-insulated plug terminals625
Pre-insulated PVC butt connectors1,550
Pre-insulated PVC butt connectors2,550
Pre-insulated PVC butt connectors625
Pre-insulated socket terminals1,550
Pre-insulated socket terminals2,550
Terminal crushing pliers0,5-61

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