Top Gel One-component silicone gel

It is ideal for filling junction boxes even when these are already installed both horizontally and vertically. The high degree of protection conferred on the connection is only guaranteed if all holes or other openings in the container are carefully sealed with sealing paste.

Technical specifications

  • linear shrinkage at 23°C / 0%
  • degree of penetration at 23°C / 200mm
  • hardness (Shore A) at 23°C gel
  • self-extinguishing (in accordance with EN 60695-2)
  • IPX8 degree of protection: compliance with EN 60529 with
    watertight containers
  • dielectric strength according to EN 60439-1 with voltage
    3500 V test voltage


  • ready to use without mixing and cross-linking steps
  • transparency with possibility to check connection status
  • easy installation without tools
  • non-toxic
  • re-accessible even after long periods of operation
  • reusable
  • self-levelling
  • high insulation resistance
  • versatility of use in horizontal and vertical applications
  • no expiry date
  • not subject to inhibition phenomena
  • not affected by temperature
TOPGEL1kg reusable/reusable single-component paste gel

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