Polyurethane resin

Epoxy resin is used for the insulation, sealing and mechanical protection of low voltage cables in permanent, directly buried (lighting installations) or fully submerged (high pressure submersible pumps) conditions.
The epoxy resin has excellent dielectric properties, high temperature resistance, low linear shrinkage, high mechanical strength, excellent adhesion to all types of plastic cables, high thermal stability, storage time of up to 42 months, excellent hydrolytic resistance, possibility to check the connection due to the transparency of the product.

CodePolyurethane resin/bicomponent bagPackaging
RES080P80 ml / 110 g1/100
RES210P210 ml / 288 g1/60
RES350P350 ml / 480 g1/40
RES450P450 ml / 617 g1/30
RES955P955 ml / 1308 g1/5
RES1200P1200 ml / 1644 g1/5
mixing ratio A:B6,4:1
pot life a 25 °C15-20 min
gel time a 25 °C20-25 min (*)
density at 25 °C1,41 g/cm3EN ISO 2811-2
Exothermic peak3000 – 3300 mPa • sEN ISO 2555
Initial mix viscosity at 25 °C / Initial mix viscosity at 25 °C65 °C
tensile strength12 N/mm2EN ISO 527
Maximum continuous operating temperature80 °C
Thermal conductivity0,9 W / (m x °C)
Adhesive strength on PVC4 N/mm2
Adhesive strength on Copper11 N/mm2
volume resistivity 25 °C1010 Ω • mmIEC 60250
surface resistivity 25 °C1010 Ω • mmIEC 60250
Dielectric strength10 KV/mm
temperature range5 - 40 °C
storage life36 months
degree of humidity< 75%

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