The range of module holder profiles, made entirely of aluminium, is suitable for installation on any roof and/or roofing. The pre-assembled universal module clamps (centre and end clamps) are compatible with all our module holder profiles.
The profiles have an upper groove and a lateral groove with a special geometry that allows the snap-on insertion of universal clamps and the crossing of the profiles by means of accessories provided in the various assembly solutions.

Moment of inertia lxx141,912cm4
Moment of inertia lyy47,569cm4

*Reference parameters for span calculation

  • Module size: 1.65 x 0.99 m
  • Wind load: 70 Kg/sqm
  • Snow load: 100 Kg/sqm
  • Roof pitch: 30°.
  • Number of bays: 3
  • Roof area: Central
  • Building height: 10m

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