About us

It was the year 1996 and Contact Italia was rooted in the civil and industrial equipment field.

A whole plant was dedicated to components for connection, distribution, fixing and electrical insulation.

In 2007 the company expanded and included the solar department, a team entirely committed to the engineering of fixing systems for photovoltaic plants.

Nowadays electric energy and solar energy are the heart of the entire project.

A company with a managerial approach, that never ends its renewal process, with quality of raw materials, product certifications and customer support as its major cornerstones.

This is our biggest challenge, within and outside the italian borders.

Pietro Antonio Maggi


Sebastiano Maggi

CTO & Founder


Energy is everywhere.

It concerns all of us.

It passes through us.

And in that exact moment, we exist.

Our reason to exist can be summed up in this only and clear mantra.

A claim that applies in everyday work, carried out by each resource involved in this challenge.

Highest quality and extreme resistance of the selected raw materials are guaranteed: we only choose aluminum and stainless steel and submit our systems to significant stress tests to verify their load capacity and durability.

We ensure the greatest possible support to the customer: our internal technical department has always been one of the biggest strengths for the company.


Every evolution starts from an idea.

Our challenge has always been oriented towards what is mostly suited for the final user of our product.

Speed and easy installation, regarding the electric department.

Safety, low environmental impact and high quality standards, regarding the solar department.

Each of these statements influences the aim pursued by resources, technologies, skills and departments of the company involved.


Since the last century we live inside the industrial equipment environment everyday.

Every word spoken comes from the deep knowledge achieved in terms of Energy.


An underperforming product will never be chosen twice.

This is the reason why we always strive for the maximum possible perfection. Our products have been recognised by all the certifications that prove their state of art.


Speaking of energy, everything goes fast.

We chose to be as fast as Energy, ensuring constant availability of the product and fast delivery terms.

Values and Technologies

More than ten years of experience with civil and industrial equipment and a high skills level of the entire work flow.

The Research and Development team focused on the product innovation and the end-user demands.

Our technicians and designers work every day to improve the products and to audit quality standards and performance levels.

Continous availability in stock of the entire range of products, always ready to be dispatched.

We choose the best partners in Logistics to ensure the fastest delivery terms to the customers.

A large sales network covers the whole Italian territory and the foreign partners in charge of the electric equipment distribution.

Progress is only possible with safety.

It is needed to guarantee flawless performances in order to ensure the highest results to those who choose Contact Italia.

Below all the certifications that we have been recognised to:

RINA Certification ISO 9001:2015

Certification ICIM 001DX/3

Certification ICIM 002DX/3

Certification ICIM 003DX/3

Certification ICIM 004DX/3

Certification ICIM 005DX/2

Certification ICIM 006DX/2

Certification ICIM 007DX/2

Certification ICIM 008DX/2

Quality policy

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